We supply most of the cathodic protection and coating materials according to client specifications and needs. Below are the list of products, which we supplies under business allies with renowned vendors across the globe;

  • Sacrificial and Impressed current anodes
  • All type of CP cables
  • Pin brazing equipment
  • Transformer Rectifier units suitable to install hazardous and non-hazardous areas
  • Junction boxes, Bond boxes and Test lead points
  • Reference Electrodes
  • ER Probes and corrosion/CP coupons
  • Surge Diverter / Spark Gap Arrestor
  • Polarization cell replacement
  • Diode Stations
  • Resistive Bonds
  • CAT, CIPS, DCVG equipment and pipeline locators
  • Hot applied and cold applied tapes for pipeline coating and rehabilitation
  • Industrial painting
  • Holiday detector
  • Remote Monitoring Unit