International Alliance

TechnoCorr is one of India’s leading entities, occupied in presenting a wide range of CP products and services to markets across the world.

We are enduring special partnerships with Leading companies around the world to provide sophisticated materials and timely technical assistance in terms of Cathodic Protection.

Technocore MI & IE WLL, Qatar

TechnoCorr’s associate company TechnoCore Maintenance Installation & Inspection of Equipments WLL, Qatar is privileged to be a team of highly experienced management and technical professionals who are highly qualified and well-diversified; entrepreneurs who are dedicated to manage business in a dynamic and competitive international environment.

TechnoCore Qatar interests range from providing:-

  • Corrosion Management Specialist in Cathodic Protection
  • Telecommunication and Security
  • Network Services
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction
  • Maintenance Workshop, Fabrication, Shutdown

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M.C. Miller, USA

TechnoCorr is an authorized distributor of M.C. Miller products in India. Our distribution channel understands the end user needs, to deliver our customers the optimal experience in terms of purchase, service and support.

The M.C. Miller Company has been serving the needs of the corrosion control industry for over 73 years. The Company has manufactured all of its products in U.S.A. M.C Miller is the leading full-service supplier of an extensive range of Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Control Products and Equipments including:

  • Cathodic Protection Coupons and Accessories
  • Concrete Corrosion Testing Equipment
  • Current Interrupters and Rectifier Protection Devices
  • Data Loggers
  • Solid State Decouplers (Solid State)
  • Insulation Checkers (for Flanges, Bolts & Casings)
  • Pipeline Survey Equipment
  • Reference Electrodes & Accessories
  • Software Applications
  • Soil Resistivity Testing Equipment
  • Tank Testing Equipment
  • Test Leads, Wires, Reels & Connectors
  • Voltmeters and Accessories, CP Multimeters and SHRUNTS

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ICCC and Rustrol®, Canada

TechnoCorr is an authorized distributor of ICCC products in India.

Interprovincial Corrosion Control Company Limited, (ICCC) manufactures a variety of product lines to serve our focused industry. With 60+ years’ experience in the Corrosion Control/Cathodic Protection business, ICCC is highly qualified to offer sound engineering design and high quality products to meet the expectations of worldwide customers.

In addition, ICCC manufacturers the patented Rustrol® Product Line, for world-wide distribution. The Rustrol® Polarization Cell and Cathodic Isolator™ Systems provide the industry the flexibility to design electrically safe cathodic protection systems whereby, the combination of absolute AC continuity to the grounding network and nominal DC blockage required for cathodic protection, can be achieved when undertaking corrosion control design. Rustrol® Systems are designed and utilized world-wide to protect the safety of the general public, operating personnel and equipment during electrical disturbances (i.e., AC fault currents, lightning, AC induction, etc.).

A Wide Range of Cathodic Protection Materials are available including:

  • Sacrificial Anodes, (i.e., magnesium and zinc)
  • Impressed Current Anodes
  • Cathodic Protection Rectifiers
  • Testing and Survey Instrumentation
  • Test Stations and Line Markers
  • Pipeline Pigging Products
  • Monolithic Isolating Joints (IsoBloc®) and Unions
  • Corrosion Pipe Tape

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